Trade Show and Exhibition Magician

Trade shows are appealing by themselves depending on what kind of products and services are being presented. There will be a lot of people going to check out dozens of stalls and also to inquire about their products.

Trade shows and exhibits are exciting because aside from showcasing a lot of things, there’s also a program and a raffle. People gather around to win prizes or to win a chance to go here or there or do this and that. Some people even go to these kinds of events just to network and be familiar with the trade (whether it’s about cars, flights, food, etc.).

Even if trade shows and exhibits are meant to be interesting, there will be times during the day that no one will host or that nothing is happening on stage. This might take a hit on the people’s liveliness to go around and to inquire. In other words, they might be bored just going around. Although it isn’t required to have a program all throughout the day, it would be better if you added something extra that would keep people’s attention going.

One idea would be hiring a magician. If you aren’t familiar, they are the people who perform magic tricks using sleight of hand. They are called a lot of names – mix and mingle conjurer, dinner party magician, walk around magician, and many more. In this case, since it’s at a trade show, you will need a trade show magician.

Now you must be thinking that a magician is only entertaining when you’re at a children’s party. However, this isn’t the case because magicians range from amateur to professional and as they increase in level, the complexity and the difficulty of their tricks also increase. To add to that, the magicians that are hired in trade shows are most likely to be professionals so you can expect tricks that appeal to and interest adults.

But there’s more to them than just magic tricks. In fact, if you search online and if you have contacts for magicians, you’ll notice that they do not simply stand and do card tricks. They also offer a lot of other services while playing magic tricks. For trade shows and exhibits, you can hire a magician that also attracts customers to a booth. If you’re one of the owners of a booth in a trade show and you want to stand out, hiring a magician would do the trick to bring customers to you.

While doing tricks, the hired magician will be able to talk about your company and your product. Since the people’s attention is captured by his skill, they will also tend to trust what he is saying. In some cases, they would even believe that he actually works in your company. While doing this, he can also take the opportunity to give more information about your company and generate leads while doing this. As your leads grow, the chances of having more customers grow as well.

At first, this idea of hiring a magician for your stall sounds absurd. Who would take a magician seriously, right? However, if you hired the right person, that magician can actually lead people to you first by attracting people to him and the next, by endorsing your brand or product as he goes along. After his mini show, he can then introduce your brand and as a lot of people notice the growing crowd in your stall, they too will get curious as to what’s happening.

Hiring a table magician is a plus for you especially when their skill and enthusiasm will help you generate leads and sales. The only downside to this is if you hired the wrong person and he ended up irritating people. Nonetheless, magicians should be able to help you during a trade show. A good one would even make a script and study your product inside out just to make sure that he is convincing enough. When you hire a good magician, you will see the difference because he will be subtle in endorsing your brand yet people’s curiosity will be piqued. It also comes as a plus for you because you and your staff won’t find the actual stall manning boring and dull.

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